Saturday, September 26, 2015


Tallinn, Tallinn, Tallinn, miks nii vahe-Actionspiels? Otsustasin facebookist enda sõbralistist otsida Monda natuke lahedama stiiliga inimest - Panin üles kuulutuse et otsin enda tuttavatest huvitavaid isiksusi ning Sten oli üks nendest kes mulle siis kirjutas. Algne plaan oli Minna Noblessnerisse, kuid Kuna üks tuttav Fotografen oli öelnud et teda olevat sealt mitu Korda turvade poolt välja visatud (lol: D), siis ei hakanud ma riskima ja uueks kohaks osutus Telliskivi loomelinnak. Soovitan Dichtung ära Kaia neil, kes veel käinud Pol. Leiate sealt kindlasti Endale miskit meelepärast - seinamaalingutest kuni unikaalsete ratasteni välja.

Tallinn, Tallinn, Tallinn - Warum habe ich geschossen? Ich entschied mich, eine interessante Person aus meiner Freundesliste auf Facebook zu finden, damit ich eine Ad an meiner Wand, die ich auf der Suche nach Menschen mit einem interessanten Stil und Sten war einer der ersten, die mir geschrieben. Mein erster Plan war, in den Hafen Noblessner gehen, aber ein Fotograf Ich weiß, sagte mir, dass sie von dort mehrmals geworfen hatte (lol: D), so habe ich beschlossen, nicht das Risiko eingehen und gehen Sie zu Telliskivi die creationcity. Ich empfehle diesen Ort zu besuchen. Sie können es viele interessante Dinge aus einzigartige Wandkunst, außergewöhnliche Fahrräder zu finden.

Wie für die Formulierung

Wie für die Formulierung, es ist wirklich gut, aber nicht die absolute beste, die ich je benutzt habe. Wie es oft der Fall ist, sind die shimmers besser als Weißes Tattoo fotos. Doch wenn es um die bunten Schatten kommt, weiß ich nicht eine steilere Formel ausmacht, solange es nicht eine Menge von radioaktiven Niederschlag, weil es Ihnen erlaubt, um die Farbe allmählich, um die gewünschte Intensität zu bauen. Jeder dieser Schatten ist buttrig und mischbar, einige sind nur ein wenig mehr schiere als andere. Dennoch ist die Qualität wirklich gut und ich denke, wenn Sie ein Fan von hellen Farben, oder Sie etwas, mit zu spielen, sollten Sie diese Palette zu packen, bevor sie für immer weg möchten. Ich werde eine gründliche Überprüfung tun, wenn ich wirklich die Palette verwendet, auf die Augen, und wie immer, lass es mich wissen, wenn Sie Fragen oder Ideen für Blicke mit diesen Farbtönen zu haben!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dell AC/Auto/Air Power Adapter

Dell AC/Auto/Air Power Adapter

This is a 65W Combination AC/Auto/Air Power Adapter

This combination, auto, air, ac power adapter is compatible with Dell Latitude , Inspiron and Precision Laptops.
Power your notebook anywhere - on the road, in-flight or at your desk .
- Plugs into any standard wall outlet, auto outlet or air outlet.

Compatible Notebook Models:
Inspiron: 300m, 500M, 600M, 700M, 710M, 630M, 6000, 8500, 8600, 9300, 9200.
Latitude: D400, D420, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D800, D820, X300. D600, D610, D620, D800, D810, D820.
Precision: M60, M65, XPS M140.
XPS: XPS M1210.

Compatible Dell P/N: 310-6557, UC473, 310-7712, 310-2862, 310-4002, F7970, 310-4804, F2663, W1451, 310-3149 , 310-2860, 310-3399 , 310-6325, PA-1650-05D2, 1X917, 5U092, PA-1650-05D, W5420 A00, 310-7867, HF274, 310-7740, 310-7701, 310-7693, HF274.


Manufacturer: Dell
Voltage Required: 100-200 VAC
Size: 2.38" x 5.44" x 1.14"
Power Provided: 65 Watts
Condition: Brand New
In Stock: Yes

Dell AC/Auto/Air Power Adapter

Thursday, May 3, 2007


that was not anything with the driving licence. I was probably too stupid…
no, had another reason, I have only one f-visa. permits to make for me here „business “to work but not. I can rumreisen, visit companies, do not negotiate etc. to work not firmly however here.
a so-called z-visa, which then the correct visa for work is, still is in work. and exactly I need this for the driving licence. is again and knew none. it would be also laughed that times which folds at first attempt (except kontoeroeffung, but there it wants which from me, i.e. my money).

now it presents itself however unfortunately with the visa in such a way that I work officially in changsha. there there are again different regulates than in suzhou. in order to get this by along working, I must leave the country once again! then again to RH entry and within 30 meet for at least one week in changsha work.
that means now thus: one weekend Hong Kong! purely, departure stamp China fetch, raus, entry stamp China fetch. would go also on one day (9uhr purely, 12uhr raus). but if I fly already times there, then I would like to see not only the airport and to company pay the flight. I pay hotel.
if I will fly Saturday on Sunday if' s were work time, it would go naturally only one-day.

yesterday a few people from the hauptwerk become acquainted with. above all trainees and work students. (ohje, I feel old, can remind me still exactly however of my trainee existence).
with those into the city, eat gone. cutter found, for 500rmb the inclusive. material of suits massschneidert, also shirts etc., times look. has actually three suits thereby, which are enough. but so more custom-made…? in former times the cutter had delivery times of 3 to probably meet, today 2 weeks, riesenbusiness with the trainees, here covers itself up.
and in shanghai one is to be able oneself to leave allegedly for narrow money shoes massschneider. has however only 12 few here thereby. : -)

times a week final route constituted. into the yellow, postcard China saves. Friday evening to Monday mornings, with night train, more hardsleeper.

to the 1.oktober, establishment day of China, gives' s few meets freely. company is too. Saturday until Friday. but Saturday and Sunday drauf working days! that is, one gets three meets by the state/company around scarcely one week fully too gotten, frees one Thursday and Friday after and works stop Saturday and Sunday. it sounds itself first times weak-intimately however sense makes, if one knows that then China on the legs is whole and very long course travels are necessary etc., in order to e.g. visit its family. since custom one meets to stop more. and simply so the whole week freely give? … nee, so far is not one in China (still).
in this week the full travel chaos must probably prevail. half China is not then on the way, no flights, courses, no penalty, nix. everything completely written off. nothing with cosy „China-look at “for expats. here there is already nearly „what make I only in this week panic “under the Germans. I will very probably fly with a well-known in this time to Singapore. hautpsache raus from China. costs are able, but squat better than at home. and when does one come times so evenly to Singapore? are still 5 grant flight of shanghai. if one asks around, is there nevertheless some, which go also to Singapore. perhaps on the way back still to three meet to Hong Kong? times look, or Malaysia, little piz buin make…?
everything hears itself to cost dekandent on, is however completely beautifully expensively, there main travel time in China, accordingly. as said, if one is already times here, one must also use. see as my regular vacation, this year. had still none. oh nevertheless, one week ibiza. but hardly counts.


so, today to some extent was the weather, so that it was enough for a little bicycle-driven.
3,5 grants through suzhou. so approximate direction to a park stamped. city center of suzhou is not more or less rectangular developed, there can one so fast proceed itself. if one does not know so completely nevertheless any longer, where one is, one can drive on simply. any large road comes then already. one regains those then also in the map.

much seen.
partly into quarter came, where I did not dare then any longer to unpack my digi cam. very ärmlich and dirty. I was noticeable, like a multicolored dog. or stop like a long nose. wanted few imprints secretly nevertheless make, from the people. but those angestarrt in such a way me everything that I could make no pictures from those then. would have been too remarkable.
otherwise been in a beautiful garden. “the humble administrator's guards” such a quatschname. was completely nice, but has me not from the socks gehauen now.

on that away after-live me a smaller young, sitting on one e-mobilely, driven from his nut/mother, addressed: “hello, what's your name?” that was perhaps 4 years old. seems English here much “hipp”. the older can do it hardly, send probably however its children on private to English-train. who ascended with China at the start to also be correctly far in front wants, needs English. completely clearly. becomes also immediately apparent at the content.

sometimes I will run by in with “hello!” responded. simply so. nix with quatschen, but simply only nicely greeting. (no, no small Chineses!)

had a little bammel before traffic. anarchy is still arranged opposite what happens here. equivalent times an accident seen, is such a small “tucktuck” (as are actually called in China?) fallen down. probably completely beautifully pain did.
my strategy: always just as slowly drive, as the Chinese. always afterwards-drive the Chinese, who knows, wann's is safe. bell use.
here all look only forward. thus: if everyone looks forward, then also it does not look custom one whether behind one one is. simply turn, or trace change. makes nevertheless nix. behind me it sees nevertheless that I turn! where is the problem?! behind me, where he drives, not I am nevertheless to look… the problem am only: drive two next to each other and none look to the side, but only forward… ohje…

afterwards still a little Chinese learn and which to cook. I make, to eat go have alone still none worth. maps in Chinese…


was on week final purchase. rains all day long, cannot go not with bicycle on investigation route. one goes shoppen stop.
amusing things, dried lizards, or so similarly. seepferdchen, also dried. and living turtles. not when, but also to eat domestic animal.

small Chinese made lucky. promotionstand for filled up green dte with *viel* sugar. whether I would not like to try times. naja, tasted in such a way lala. however it protested that he is completely mad. whether I not which to buy would like? TC, the poorest stood there certainly already all day long and not yet a bottle loose-became. ok, showed then pities and two bottles bought. oh, the day was saved to its friends which for it, it is lucky and has this evening to tell.